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From Computers and Networking to Mobile and Cloud, we aim to be your trusted advisor.

Based in Muskegon, Michigan, we will work with you to support all of your technology needs throughout the entire lifecycle, from planning and budgeting, to systems design and implementation, and maintenance. We are highly experienced in a wide variety of technologies, from printing and imaging, servers and networking, virtualization, cloud integration, and much more.

Our Services

Help Desk

Open a ticket with our support team if you have an urgent issue or would like us to order something for you.

Managed IT

Subscribe to our services for remote management and monitoring, patch management, antivirus, backups, and more!

Cloud Services

Solutions for offsite data backup, e-mail and collaboration, virtual hosted servers, databases, and the list goes on!


Voice Over IP Telephone Systems with competetive pricing for your small business.

Workflow Consulting

Let us help you get the most out of your computers and software by analyzing how you use your existing technology and making suggestions to improve efficiency and lower costs.

Printing & Document Imaging

We maintain and repair HP and Lexmark laser printers. Don't throw away that trusty old laser you use because of a minor issue! Are you spending too much money on unnecessary printing? Do you have too many file cabinets? Reduce costs associated with excessive, unnecessary printing! Contact us today to find out how!

Computer Repair

Onsite Computer Repair, Upgrades, Replacement. Let us repair your business computers either at your site, or we can pick up and return to our workshop in Muskegon.

We Speak Healthcare

We know what PACS is. We know who GLHC is. Most IT companies don't understand the unique needs of healthcare practices. We have years of experience helping small to midsize practices to get the most out of their technology. We work with EHR, PM and medical imaging vendors, as well as the local hospital systems to facilitate smooth operation of your practice.

Data Recovery

Can't access your data? Call right away! 231-683-1400 We will triage the situation over the phone to determine the best course of action, and take steps to preserve your data in case of a critical failure in need of disaster recovery.


Prime Support Technology Consulting
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